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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Expectations vs. Goals

So often I let my children's behavior frustrate me when I really need to realize that the problem lies in my expectations. While there need to be goals to be reached, along the road to those goals I need to expect my children to act like children.

For example, our goal is for all eight children to sit quietly in church like the little angels they are. However, I need to expect the little ones to fidget, talk during prayers, and loudly point out their drawings. All the while Bryan and I work at training them in proper behavior. If I go into worship with the expectation that they won't be perfect, then I won't be stressed when they meet my expectations.

Goals are the big picture that we're always working toward. Along the way, when things are still a little messy, keep the expectations grounded in reality.


  1. I like your realistic approach! It would be great if there were more parents out there like yourself!

  2. This is such a good reminder to all parents - we need to be realistic.