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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Character Building DVDs

Our family has been very blessed by the character building DVDs by S.M. Davis. We've watched them through several times with the children, both as a family and in our Bible Study that we host every week.

The older children are especially impacted by the Biblical truths presented and have strove to make improvements in their own lives.

Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones
A key to dealing with rebellion in a 2nd born is for the 1st born to understand the power of his influence & his responsibilities in relation to younger siblings. The 2nd born must also understand this with the 3rd, etc. This message ends with three moving illustrations of the powerful influence of older children on younger ones. Dr. Davis recommends this video as his most important message for entire families to WATCH together.

What to Expect From a 12 Year Old
Teen problems come from a deficiency in earlier character development. Using the Bible passage Luke 2:41-52, Dr. Davis points out 7 key character qualities seen in Jesus at age 12. He tells how important it is that we teach these same qualities to our children by the age of 13. If you've ever wondered what to expect from your children, this is your answer.

Why Satan Wants the 1st Born
Most rebels both in the Bible & in our time are 1st borns. Do you know why Pastors and Christian leaders have three times as much difficulty training their 1st borns? Do you know the consequences of not giving God the 1st things? Do you know the blessings 1st borns may expect who give their lives to God? Entire families should watch this video, but especially parents and their 1st born children.


  1. I just read an article in Homeschool Enrichment magazine about satan wanting the firstborn... do you get that magazine by chance? It is loaded with great articles.


  2. I had to go look at my magazine to be sure.. the article I read was by S.M. Davis. I guess we are on the same page then! LOL!


  3. I will have to check out that magazine. Thanks Becki!

  4. I love SM Davis videos too! He has some great ones! WE used to watch these all the time with my older kids. I guess it is time to pull them back out with the younger set. I wish I had them on DVD.