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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disney World Photos - Part 4

September 16 - Day 5 (Animal Kingdom)

We call this day our "Wardrobe Malfunction Day." Those of you that have been following along probably noticed that the whole family wears the same color t-shirt each day. This not only simplifies packing, but is essential for keeping track of everyone in the busy parks. We definitely draw more attention to ourselves when dressed alike, and it also invites some questions and conversations with people. We pray that these interactions are glorifying to God. Since Bryan had been given several t-shirts from his Extreme Makeover experience, we decided to make those one of our outfits.

We were totally unprepared for attention that it gave us. Well over 100 people ran up to us throughout the day asking if we were having a home built. Even people who could barely speak English congratulated us on our new home. We would explain that we were involved in the construction of a home and that ABC had not paid for our trip to Disney World. At first it was funny, but as the day wore on, it became distracting. Often I would be talking to one family, while Bryan would be talking to someone else. Emelie and Teddy were also questioned.
We laughed about it later, thinking that for every person that came up to us, there were probably 10 that were assuming the same thing. Now they'll be watching for us on TV!

Water was always a hit where ever we found it!

The children titled this photo "Daddy"

Teddy getting weak from hunger waiting for lunch, and Emelie, as always, behind the camera.

When we got to the Petting Zoo, Heidi just grabbed a brush and got to work!

On Safari

How Hunter experienced most of the trip

1 comment:

  1. Fun pictures! That is too funny about the Extreme Makeover shirts! I love your title of a Wardrobe Malfunction! You have a wonderful sense of humor! It must be so much fun at your house! :)

    When my children were younger they used to wear matching clothes a lot too. Like you said, it helps keep track of everyone. Years ago when Joseph (now 15 and closing in on 16) was about 4, we were at the Chatanooga Aquarium and he got separated from the family. Fortunately, he matched his older brothers (I think they were wearing red shirts that day), so one of the employees realized he was part of our group. It was dark in there and hard to find a missing person. He was one scared little boy!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!