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Monday, August 17, 2009

School Year Resolution

I realized a couple weeks ago while making our schedule, that waiting to drag myself out of bed whenever the first little one wandered into my room in the morning wasn't going to work this year.

We're adding a new student this year bringing our count to 5, and I really want to spend some time first thing every morning with Brigitta and Heidi reading stories.

Since I'm not ready to discontinue my nap (even though I only lay down to make sure that Brigitta goes to sleep ;-), the change will have to be made with my to bed and wake-up time. I'm very much a night person, but I'm prepared to change my ways.

Therefore I hereby resolve to:
  1. Be in bed by midnight every school night (it's not uncommon to force myself into bed at 1:30 am).
  2. Set an alarm to go off at 6:45 am and immediately get dressed.
  3. Wake children at 7:00 am.

I let you know how this goes. I'll be the one clutching my Diet Pepsi with a death-grip.


  1. Wow! You are a night owl. I was thinking you were going to say "in bed by 10:00" or something like that. Maybe we can keep each other accountable. I'm trying for in bed by 10:30 and up by 6:45. And I'm giving up caffeine for the most part. No more Dr. Peppers for me. I can't talk about it though, I might cry! :)

  2. I know the feeling!! I am the same way :) I hate getting up early, but I have to make myself otherwise I just can't seem to get a grasp on the day!

  3. I may have to ask you to stop posting your personal convictions! They hit too close to home. However, I had already decided that we were changing our plans for the year as well. I just told someone yesterday that I was going to be up no later than 7 and kids up no later than 7:30 ready to start the day. So we are a bit off of you but not by much. :) We can help encourage each other as we try to honor God in this way. Trust me, I am going to need to be reminded often why I am giving up my nights! :0)

  4. Sharron? Is that Sharron? The world's greatest blog lurker posted a comment? I'm in shock!

    And for the record, this morning Hunter decided I needed to be up at 5am. Made that midnight bedtime seem a little too late!

  5. - I too suffer from going to bed too late and being dragged out by children. I just need more sleep - I admire your efforts - I'm trying- not well, but I'm trying. Now it's time for coffee!