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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Job Lists

Since the countdown is on for starting school on Monday, I'm spending a lot of preparation time now to get things organized. I'm hoping to have several weeks of what we call "job lists" prepared to make Sunday night crunch time a little easier over the next couple months.

The job lists are a combination of chore list and school assignments. We call them "jobs" because just as Dad has a job to go earn money for the family, the children's jobs are to get their schoolwork done and help keep the house running smoothly. "Chores" sound like such drudgery, and we're trying to inspire a cheerful attitude about work. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might... Ecclesiastes 9:10

The top has two different sections for chores. One for before school, and one for after school. Not being morning people, we do just basic hygene and animal jobs in the morning and save the housecleaning for late afternoon.

I tried several different formats and charts before I developed this one as a table in Word. For pre-readers, I just use clipart. They are color-coded by child, of course. After I print them out, they live on the fridge which is starting to get very crowded now that we have six sheets on there. It's great to have both school work and chores for the week on one paper.


  1. love it... that takes a very talented person to do this. You are so gifted... :)

  2. Wow!! This is awesome!!


  3. You are certainly fulfilling your God-given calling. I am an organized person, but I'm not so good at organizing other peoples time - especially small people. What a gift! I am curious what your charts look like for toddlers and such. Can you post one of those? Thanks!

  4. Oh, I do love charts and schedules and check sheets . . . . I think we must be a lot alike, with you a bit more "together" and "organized" than I am! :)

    I use something very similar with my family. We call it a Checklist and I have chores and school assignments on their checklists for the week. It is a great tool for keeping everyone on task! I am working on updating mine for the new school year right now. If I knew how to post a copy like you did, then I would do so!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings on your school year!

  5. Do you happen to have that saved in a document format? You know, in case a mom (like me) may want to use it??? :)

  6. Elizabeth,
    I would love to see your lists! Open up the document, press "Print Screen," and then paste it into Paint. Save the picture and upload.