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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

Greetings from Grants, New Mexico! A little tired today. Being the middle day, we lacked the excitement of leaving or arriving. Tomorrow, I'm sure everyone will be fired up to get to California. In all the children have been fantastic travelers!

My mom was released from the hospital this evening. She sounded so happy to be home! The surgeon told her, "I don't know what you did, but the blockage is gone." I know something he doesn't - That God's people from all over came together to pray for my mom, and the blockage didn't stand a chance.

I am moved and humbled by everyone's support here, on Bryan's Facebook account, and through email. I felt surrounded by love even as I sped down the highway. Thank you for all your prayers and kind words!

Tomorrow, we land among family in Southern California. The last time we visited, Jacob (the cute reddish-haired one in the middle) was only 3 months old. Babies #6, 7, & 8 weren't even on the radar. Things have changed a bit!


  1. Praise God! Gramma Nan is home!!! The doctor may not know why but thank God you do. Amazing! So glad you guys have had decent travels. I know it may surprise others to know it doesn't phase you guys to hop in the van and head west with all 10 of you, but this one is not shocked. Look at the faces on all of your in the pics Bryan keeps posting on facebook....smiles. The joy starts at the top and keeps on going! Keep smiling and know God is so blessing your mom and will continue to do so. Celebrating with you.....high five! Woohoo! Sorry so scattered...notice time! :) Headed to dance with Rach

  2. Rejoicing to hear that your mom is better and that your trip is going well! As my hubby likes to say, "Keep it between the ditches!" :) Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Such good news! The power of prayer is amazing, and Nan is a fighter. Enjoy sunny Cali!

  4. awesome... I am so happy to hear this! :) Amazing...