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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California here we come!

The Blue, Enormous Van (BEV) pulls out bright and early tomorrow morning headed for our childhood homeland of Southern California. We're hoping to be in Tulsa OK by Thursday evening, Grants NM by Friday, and Whittier CA on Saturday. If I have the opportunity to blog on the road, I will. Otherwise, I'll be back around the 14th.

God Bless!


  1. wow... hope all goes well..praying for safety.

  2. It's entirely do-able if all the kids cooperate and all drivers drive responsibly and while WIDE AWAKE. Please be careful and I will be praying for your safety along the way. May God bless you and protect you during this time.


  3. safe travels to you and your family! we'll be praying for you!

  4. Love your packing ability! :) We are praying you guys there. :)

  5. Safe travels on your way to my neck of the woods! (I live in La Habra) Hope the trip goes well! Just read about your mother! We'll be praying for you and your family!

  6. Love the picture!! :)

    Praying for safe travels and a Peaceful trip! Back in March of 2006 our family took a 5 week trip from SC to San Francisco, CA and back! We were PACKED into our big van and pulled a pop-up camper! Yes, we were crazy! We had our challenging moments, but also lots of fun! We learned so much on our mega field trip and enjoyed seeing our nation's beauty and diversity, while making many memories as a family! Southern Cal was probably the most beautiful area we saw -- especially San Diego! It was so beautiful there! We stayed a couple nights with friends in Monterey and then headed back east.

    Our favorite educational stops were the Ronald Reagan library/museum in California and the JFK Book Depository and museum. Our favorite view was the Grand Canyon, of course, and our favorite FUN stop was White Sands, New Mexico! I'd LOVE to go back there again!!!! Maybe you could stop there on the way back?? It was incredible!

    ENJOY your trip!