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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Big Blue Vans

When I cooked up the harebrained (as my husband called it) idea for our whole family to head to California for his Grandmother's funeral, I thought the concept would be pretty straightforward - Get in the van, drive as many hours per day as possible, arrive in California.

Yesterday, the opportunity to fly (yes, all 10 of us) became available. Shift gears, new plan. Now to find a flight from here to there that didn't cost as much as our farm and didn't leave or arrive around midnight.

Four hours later, still looking. Plus we need to rent a 15-passenger van at our destination. Note: Avis & Friends say they do that, but not where we're going.

Finally - success! A flight leaving mid-day that arrives around bedtime. Very do-able!

Wait! Before we confirm lets look at the seating arrangement so we can see what configuration we're getting into. Hmmmmm, what do those different symbols mean? Wait a minute! The little people icon means the seat is taken! There are only 11 empty seats on the entire plane?!

While the thought of walking down the aisle depositing children as we went made Bryan and I double-over with laughter, something tells me that we might be back to driving!


  1. Okay - so this is awesome! I think you should totally fly! I can only imagine the looks when you drop the kids off seat by seat! Good luck on your travels - as always love reading about the goings on with the Stumpfs!

  2. Oh my! Could you imagine the person sitting next to the littles for the first time they fly! Seriously funny! I loved your plane comments! Too funny! You guys were getting a bit slap happy there. :) I am praying for you to find a flight and I know it can happen. Also remember that when you walk on with your crew and give people the option to "switch" seats or sit with an unmonitored child...they will hop up pretty quickly. :) Sad but true.

  3. Love this post! How did you make that amazing diagram? That was awesome! :)