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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - November 30, 2009

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was filled with joy and blessings! Grandma Nan came up, and we all enjoyed a bounty of the traditional favorites. After braving the shopping crowds for a couple hours Friday morning, I was able to spend a wonderful 24 hours scrapbooking, laughing, and relaxing with Jamers at her family's lake house. I'll be inviting myself over there whenever I can!

Here's a shopping tip to stash away for next year. If you go to Target on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, you can get the Friday doorbuster prices on all the clothing items they've put out. Let's just say "SCORE!"

Looking forward to this week, we'll be jumping back into our routine. Busy, but not too crazy. I'm home all day, everyday this week. That makes for a more relaxed momma. It also will make the following dinners easier to prepare.

Monday - Blueberry Pancakes, Sausage, Home Fries

Tuesday (Horse Judging, Mom's Meeting) - BBQ Meatball Sandwiches (crockpot)

Wednesday (Bryan Night Meeting, AWANA) - Pigs in a Blanket, Popcorn

Thursday - Turkey Ranch Wraps with Homemade Tortillas, Potato Wedges

Friday - Bible Study

Saturday - Black Beans, Cheese, Chips

Find more menus at orgjunkie.com. Our menus for the year can be found at our website. Breakfast menu is here; Lunch is here. What's on your menu this week?


  1. Like the new blog colors! Very nice! You are welcome to come to the lake house anytime! ;) I know those kiddos will love it one day soon. we just need to make it happen. Enjoy your week! I'm off to bed now...

  2. What! Off to bed at 11:25?! Be still my heart...I think I need to talk with Delilah about this.

  3. Ha! You made me laugh so hard. Maybe Delilah could play you a song....maybe say something with a nice ring to it like....Delilah? Just a thought! :)

    I did go to bed before midnight last night and I'll be doing so again tonight. I am wiped out! :)