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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Breakfast Challenge

Since we don't want breakfast to be left out (it is the most important meal of the day, right?), here is the "Stumpf Plan" for breakfast. While Joy at fivejs.com was looking for new recipes, we will rarely crack a cookbook early in the morning. This is why routine is so important to me when I'm stumbling around and wondering if it's too early to have a Diet Pepsi.

Our breakfast menu hasn't changed dramatically over the last couple years. It seems that when I do try something new, the outcry makes the effort not worth it. While we do have some variation within each day, the general plan remains the same which makes for easy shopping.

Monday - Muffins, sometimes from scratch, more often from this "cheatin' recipe"
Tuesday - Hot cooked rice with milk and sugar, granola for the non-rice eaters
Wednesday - Hot cereal, rotation of Coco Wheats, Oatmeal, and Malto-Meal
Thursday - Cheap cereal (Aldi brand Cheerios, rice crispies, or cornflakes), granola
Friday - Toast, English Muffins or Bagels
Saturday - Pancakes (from this mix) or Coffee Cake
Sunday - 1 box of Sugar cereal, granola

The children drink one glass of diluted juice for breakfast. We often have eggnog or Orange Julius. They always have the option of making eggs or oatmeal if they don't like what's offered since those are always in abundance around here.


  1. I ALWAYS water down my girls' juice. Even though I get the "no sugar added," the natural sugar is even too much for them (especially #2...she bounces off the walls...lol).

    We just got an Aldi's near us. I haven't yet made it over there yet...I've heard great things...what is your opinion of it?

  2. We love Aldi's! I don't have time to do the coupon thing, so I really think they have the cheapest prices overall. With only their brand to chose from, shopping goes very quick, too.

    We also shop at Super Wal-mart with occasional stops at other stores for milk and produce.

  3. I've wanted to get into a routine for breakfast, so I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with yours! I love it!

    I have NEVER made rice for breakfast. Can you share how you make it? You're the second person this week who has mentioned it made that way.

  4. Eating rice for breakfast is a very "Hoosier" thing to do. I grew up with my mom making Minute Rice for breakfast. We'd top it with butter, sugar, and milk.

    I cook mine in a rice cooker. We put sugar and milk on it, but skip the butter. While I'm all for serving brown rice most of the time, we only like white for breakfast!