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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Teacher's Day Off

The thought occurred to me a few weeks ago that in my 10 years or so of homeschooling, I had never taken a day off just because I wanted to. Sure we've taken time off when a majority fall ill, guests come over, or because the Spring weather demands a trip to the park. But what about a day off to get things done that had been on my "to-do" list but weren't getting done? Nope, never.

It took me couple weeks to remember to schedule the day off into our week, but I finally put it on the calendar for this past Thursday. I explained to the children that they would be expected to entertain themselves. The oldest four would need to work for 30 minutes on Switched-On-Schoolhouse (so as to not fall too far behind), but otherwise would have a free day. This was met with great joy all around!

I had in mind to use the day to get some sewing projects off my table. I prepared the day before by cutting things out and moving a folding table with my sewing machine into the dining room, along with the ironing board.

After breakfast I got to work. The children were enthusiastic and even took it a step farther to a "Mom's Day Off" by doing some of my other jobs. By the end of the day (which even included a nap for me) I had finished two skirts for Emelie and one for me from Sew What! Skirts, and a purse for Emelie from Sew What! Bags. (Side Note: All this fabric came from my stash. It's like getting things for free!)

Here's the purse with the flap back:

When the day was done, I was jazzed about how much I'd gotten done in one day. Finishing projects gets me pretty pumped up and was just the shot I needed to finish out this semester of school. I'm now planning on taking a "Teacher's Day Off" a couple times a year!


  1. You muust work fast -- You got a lot accomplished! I love that feeling of accomplishment too! Congrats on a great idea and a productive day!

  2. this is a great idea. I'm thinking once a quarter! :) I always say that I will work on something after they go to bed, but by then I'm too tired to care.

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