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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gross Post - You've been warned

When I went to change Heidi's diaper before bed, she told me she was wet. Why, yes, her diaper had leaked so I proceeded with some caution. She was standing up, and I gingerly grabbed hold of a dry bit.

Unfortunately, she neglected to tell me that she had used some of her basement playtime to really fill her diaper. As I pulled the diaper through her legs, the solid contents went flying across the room...and bounced.

Since everyone had "jammied and teethed," many were assembled in the living room for prayers and had a front row seat for this spectacle. I was laughing and crying so hard I couldn't even speak.

Bryan told me that, when dealing with a 2-year-old, as President Regan used to say about the Soviets, "Trust but verify." I obviously failed the second half. Another memory that we will laugh about for years to come. Once again I'm reminded: It's never dull around here!


  1. I just laughed so loud my girls came in to see what I was reading! Too funny! I can see you losing it as well. Red face, tears coming down the face...reminds me of green glitter! haha!

  2. A similar thing happened to my sister once. She was changing Callie's diaper and I told her that Callie probably wasn't done yet, but she took the diaper off any way and you know what went flying!

  3. That is so funny! I have heard of that before, that it bounces! You have an adorable broad of kids.