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Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey Run

On Sunday Bryan was insistent that we take advantage of the 50 degree temps spend the afternoon hiking. We went to one of the most beautiful spots in the Hoosier State: Turkey Run State Park.

Usually Bryan takes the children while I stay home to get some things done. I went along this time and am so glad I did for two reasons: 1) My children love this sooooo much. They get along great, joke and laugh together, and are such tough hikers (much more so than me!). 2) I now understand why some of them often come home from these trips half-naked, shoeless and holding their wet clothes. This trail is rough with most of it along a slippery stream with no bank!

(These photos were taken on Bryan's phone so the quality is pretty lousy)

Heading up, up, up...

Great view, unless you look at me in a sweatshirt with three pairs of mittens in the pouch! Not pregnant, just puffy!

They love to climb up a big rock. One of these days I'll have to scrapbook all my "Stumpfs on a rock" photos.

Princess Bride fans will appreciate that we call this "Heading into the Fire Swamp."

Hard to tell, but the children are heading up the first of 3 or 4 tall ladders. Bryan and I each had a babe on our backs - kind of messes with your balance!

This is what happens when you push the children too hard!

Look closely...They are all pretending to be gargoyles from the cover of Emelie's Hunchback of Notre Dame book.

Finally we reached the "Punch Bowl." And it really was getting that dark!


  1. Looks like lots of fun. We love Turkey Run!

  2. This is too funny -- I saw your title and thought you went to a turkey farm to pick out a fresh turkey for thanksgiving -- you know, a turkey run! :) LOL!!!

    Looks like a neat state park! I liked the pics! I think I would be too Chicken to climb a ladder with a child on my back! I don't have good balance the way it is! You are a brave and hardy woman~! :)

    Enjoyed your post as always!

  3. Hope you didn't come across any ROUS's in the fire swamp ;)
    I just love your family!