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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WFMW - Our Big Boy Birthday Bash

OK, I admit that this is out of the norm of my usual Works for Me Wednesday tips. But this year, putting all the boys' birthday celebrations on one day, REALLY worked for our family. Coming off the expense and time commitment of our vacation, we didn't have the time to put each boy on a different weekend or the money to take each one to a different restaurant.

Fortunately, the young men involved weren't just willing to go along with the consolidation, they were excited to have a day when it was all about "the boys." I wonder if we've actually started a new tradition.

We started the day with Caleb's pick of coffee cake. He later admitted that he didn't eat much to have more room for the Chinese Buffet at lunch.

When we got back home after lunch, there came the frenzy of present unwrapping. It really had the feel of Christmas morning.

Hunter enjoyed the packaging the most!

"Look at this cool Star Wars LEGO kit!"

And look at THIS cool Star Wars LEGO kit!

Bryan believes in starting them young.

Jake with his favorite girl.

Wear what you love!

Hunter worked on this package for at least 20 minutes.

Caleb shows his gratitude for the candy bar Meg gave him.

And what do the boys like again?

Instead of dinner, we sang "Happy Birthday" three times and ate LOTS of cake and ice cream.

A Dino cake for Jake.

A Race Track cake for Caleb.

Cupcakes for Hunter (he's not so sure about the flames).

Wonderful day, wonderful boys!


  1. Love the pics! Looks like the fellas had a lot of fun! Your cakes are impressive!!! Looks like you could have had a Star Wars party and made all of the guys happy! We have not allowed our children to watch Star Wars in the past, and finally broke down and let them watch it this summer. Now, that is all they talk about! My 7 year old son is absolutely enamored with Star Wars and even my 14 year old son (as of tomorrow) want Star Wars stuff. I think his gifts will look familiar to you! :)

  2. What cute cakes! Awesome! Who was responsible for the cakes this year? I can't believe that Hunter is 1!!!! NOOOOO! Then again, I can't believe Caleb and Jake are as old as they are either! Gracious....time flies. :)