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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Baby Carrier Collection

After baby #6 was born, I stumbled onto the website wearyourbaby.com. It opened up a whole new world to me. I wear my babies on my back almost everyday. Sometimes it's the only way I can get dinner done. When you think about it, women all over the world have been putting babies on their back since Bible times. We've just gotten away from it with all of our other baby-entertaining devices (which I also use!).

We'd had a Baby Biorn since Emelie was a couple months old. However, as soon as the babies approached 15 pounds or so, I didn't find it comfortable for long stretches. Plus, I found it difficult to cook or work around to house with a baby on my front.

At wearyourbaby.com I learned how to put a baby on my back comfortably and safely. I made a couple Mei Tai carriers following these directions.

When Heidi was born, we bought an Ergo Baby Carrier. I love how comfortable this carrier is. While I don't like it for newborns, once baby can hold up his head, it's very easy and comfortable to use. This is Bryan's favorite carrier and he uses it for Heidi (2 1/2) or Brigitta (4) at least once a week.

We were considering buying a second Ergo while I was pregnant with Hunter. That's when I discovered the Beco Butterfly. This one is great for newborns on up. My favorite feature is that when baby is strapped in, he can be transferred to a different wearer like a backpack. I also like the waist belt better than the Ergo. This is the one I usually wear with Hunter.

I just completed making a cloth carrier like a Moby Wrap. I wanted something for Disney World for Hunter to face out. More on this carrier coming soon...

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  1. I loved my baby carrier - I had one that carried the baby on the side (hip carrier). It worked really nice and I found the kids were always much more alert that way rather than being pushed all the time in a stroller... although strollers served us well too, LOL!

    Happy Tuesday!