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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making State History Fun

We're taking a break from our beloved Sonlight this semester to focus on state history. I am so impressed with State History from a Christian Perspective! The children beg to work on their notebooks everyday (because mean mom has scheduled it for only twice per week).

We are using it for K-8th grade. Everyone works the same topic in varying depth. Just last night I learned that there is a lapbook to go along with the study. We might have to work that in too!

Along with working through State History from a Christian Perspective, we're reading biographies about famous Hoosiers, and Emelie and Ted are reading historical fiction set in Indiana. We're trying to spend one weekend a month visiting a site of historical significance.

All together we're developing a passion for the state we live in!


  1. We love lapbooks around here! Can I ask which historical fiction books you have found that are set in Indiana? We are going to be studying Indiana history next year and I haven't started our reading list yet.

  2. Emelie and Ted are reading:
    Girl of the Limberlost
    The Hoosier Schoolmaster
    By Freedom's Light
    Stories from the Heartland
    Gene Stratton-Porter: a Little Story of Her Life and Work

    I think we'll also try to read The Bears of Blue River which is based in Shelby County.

  3. If Emelie is interested- I LOVED the book "Abigail" http://www.amazon.com/Abigail-Portia-Howe-Sperry/dp/B000L7KIQI and even have a cloth Abigail doll that she could borrow for a project or something(story similar to Girl of Limberlost). Also, we have a memberhsip to the Benjamin Harrison Home if you would like to use it for free admission- just let us know!
    What a fun learning unit!!

  4. Megs,
    We just toured the BH home last fall! Wish I had known I could mooch off you!

    Thanks for the book tip. I can't keep Emelie supplied with readers!