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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Versatile Lapbooks

What's for Dinner: Taco Salad

At the Sewing Machine: Finished Em's culottes!

On the Scrapbook Table: Em's meeting canceled so no cropping for me :-(

Since it's been awhile since I last professed my love of all things lapbook, I thought I'd use this week's free curriculum download from CurrClick as an excuse to cover a few of our recent favorites. Click on the icon below to download a FREE lapbook on Galaxies.


Last year the four oldest created lapbooks on Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Thanksgiving.

The two preschoolers created "Five Little Pumpkins," "Little Miss Muffet," Goodnight Moon, and Thanksgiving.

When we gathered them all up for our homeschool group's Spring "Share Fair," they made quite an impressive display!


This past fall, Emelie and Teddy created lapbooks covering the 2008 election. Both said they were their favorite ones so far. We all learned so much about the election process. When we stayed up late on election night to watch the returns, they could discuss the election like pros!

After last summer's 4-H Fair, I started thinking of ways to integrate the children's 4-H projects into our schoolwork. Since the have a "self-directed" project category, why not enter a lapbook?

Emelie chose Veterinary Science, Teddy chose Chemistry, and Meghan chose Sled Dogs (a former FREE download).

There is a lapbook on virtually any subject you would want to include in your schooling. The best part is how excited the students are at sharing the information in their finished products!


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  1. Hi, Laine! I saw your link at the bottom of your homeschool forward and thought I would stop by. What a wonderful blog you have and I can't imagine how you find the time! I sure miss seeing all of your this year at Mom's Night Out!