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Grocery Spending

Food Only

Oct 2010 - $231.39

Nov 2010 - $998.22

Dec 2010 - $340.29

Jan 2011 - $855.15

Feb 2011 - $203.17

Mar 2011 - $916.52

Monthly Average $590.79

Weekly Average $137.85
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How much is your food bill?

What's for Dinner: Corn Dogs & Popcorn (Bryan has a meeting)

At the Sewing Machine: Just finished a tiered skirt for Bitta

On the Scrapbook Table: Maybe some scrap time in St. Louis?

Just for fun, I ran the numbers of how much it would cost to feed our family according to the government. Amazingly they must have added in some "pork" (pun intended), because our monthly total came to $1198.16 on the THRIFTY plan! I didn't even count Hunter since his diet doesn't count toward our grocery bill (at least not directly).

I'm assuming this number is only for food, not other items like paper products. It makes me wonder how huge we would be if we ate as much as the government expects us to! Kind of makes me wonder about those daunting estimates of how much it costs to raise a child. Does anyone smell a birth-control agenda? But I digress...

For the record, we spend around $400 per month to feed the 10 of us. This is our food-only number. Do your own calculations here. The directions are in the fine print at the bottom of the page.



  1. does this include the other runs you have to make in between your big grocery? That isn't very much a month... 100 a week. Wow.

  2. This is the monthly average according to Quicken. When we "big" grocery, we spend about $250-300 per month on food. The balance comes with the milk/produce runs in between.

  3. I have been blown away ever since I read this post! I just don't see how you do it!!!! Of course, I have 4 BIG, TALL teenaged boys, who are also athletes, but I am STRUGGLING to stay within the lowest gov. estimates for my family size. I think you are Blessed to be able to feed your family for so little! Do you grow a lot of your own food????

  4. We don't grow our food. I am a complete garden failure. Our big savers are ALDI/Wal-mart shopping, lite on the meat (about 1 lb. per meal when we have meat, and ground or cut-up in something), and staying away from the grocery when possible. My oldest boys are only 7 & 11. The 7-year-old will put us in the poor house in a few years because he already eats a lot! Plus he and the 11yo compete to see who can eat the most pizza, pancakes, etc. I know holding costs down is going to get even more challenging in years to come! God will provide!