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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Was it something she said?

So this is what happens when I go away for a couple hours? Emelie's reflections on the events of this afternoon. 

I was babysitting today, while my mom took 4 siblings to a mock math tournament. Caleb stayed home to work on his math, and Heidi and Hunter are too young. So I was cleaning up after lunch. It's not the world's most engaging activity, but the world must go on.

Anyway, I'm cleaning up and not really interacting with anyone, when Caleb comes tearing past with a suitcase. Well, what else? Suitcases when he's supposed to be doing multiplication? There was a couple times I considered leaving home when it came to multiplication. So I just absorbed it. I would tell Mom he was kidnapped by Martian pirates. Or a Sicilian, a Spaniard, and a giant. She loves the Princess Bride.

Ummmmm, the suitcase had feet? Like, Hunter's feet. Wow, so maybe it's not just math. Maybe it's me *gasps*. I'm such a bad babysitter my brother feels compelled to kidnap his younger brother to save him from me? I promise I had said only remotely normal things all day. But, um, I was hurt. Was this the result of years of suppression? Was this a spontaneous act of rebellion against me and my obsessive cleaning habits? (haha, not really) Or is my 9 year old brother involved with a black market trade in suitcases with feet?

I was unsure, so I took a picture.

Guess what? Both brothers decided to tough it out one more day. They stuck with it until Mom came home, upon which time, they fled screaming into her arms (ok, maybe not ;))

And Heidi? She's the little mini me, and she just kept doing puzzles through the whole drama. Love you, girl.

1 comment:

  1. This is Great!
    A+++ for creative writing...all great stories are based on true life. You could make it into a movie!!