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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meghan's Chocolate Bunny Dreams

Since Emelie was the one with the forethought to photograph Saturday's events, she gets the honor of telling the story...

False advertising: this post has nothing to do with Easter. Bunnies and chocolate, yes, so you are somewhat justified in reading this.

My sister, Meghan, is obsessed with rabbits. She already has a Chocolate Rex, Ghirardelli, that she showed at the 4-H fair last year. She loves that little Delli, but she's always wanted Mini Lops. So last summer, she worked insanely so this spring, for her birthday, she could get two Minis, a buck and a doe. Girl bunny+boy bunny+overenthusiastic 11-year-old girl= oh my!! Picture my barn next spring...

Oh well. She's my sister, I love her, and I have great faith in my own persuasiveness. You're reading this blog post right now. That's gotta count for something.

This morning, we went on a quest. The Fellowship consisted of Meghan, my mom, my grandma, and me. We found the Mini Lop people without any problems. Meghan was certain what she wanted, a broken buck (multicolored) and a gray doe.

Then we saw the bunnies, and she fell in love.

Mom did too...

That was the buck Mom wanted. A broken gray. We totally called that one. Mom loves any animal in gray. Gray bunnies, gray cats, gray horses, gray warthogs...rhapsodies in gray.

But this was the buck Meghan fell in love with. A broken buck, just like she wanted.

The breeder didn't have any gray does, but there was this really nice agouti that Meggie loved. She is just about the sweetest, calmest rabbit ever :)

Then you have to do this whole bunny physical thing to make sure its nails are black. Of course.

But in the end, Meghan got two beautiful bunnies. Since she already has Ghirardelli, we said that she should name the other two after chocolate brands too. She like Dove for the doe, but she wanted Jellybean for the buck.

I know it's her birthday, but we were all like, seriously.

My mom and grandma came up with Cadbury. Which I loved. It fit a cute, puffy bunny perfectly! And, if you think about it, would a dude rather be named Cadbury or Jellybean? And jellybeans are gross. All of which were arguments I used in trying to convince her that Cadbury was the name to choose.

She didn't listed to me. It took peer pressure to get her to change her mind.

But she did, eventually, which means that we have Ghirardelli, Cadbury, and Dove, with lots more chocolate brands to go, as she pointed out. That led to the discussion on other rabbit/chocolate names. Heath. Reeses. Godiva. M&M. I said that the only way I was going to let a bunny be named M&M is if it was a white one. Named Eminem - lol.

We're gonna have to wait for fall, at least, until any of those dreams are realized. For right now, we are perfectly happy with Dove and Cadbury, the two newest members of our animal family!

1 comment:

  1. Cute post!! ;)

    I am not an animal person! but those bunnies do LOOK awfully cute!

    Enjoy your bunny kingdom!

    Oh, and I LOVE the name CADBURY! good choice!