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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hunter, why is your foot green?

I was a little surprised when I was changing Hunter this morning. After taking off his footed sleeper, I noticed that his left foot was unmistakably green. Top, bottom, and between the toes.

It didn’t rub off. Not even with mom spit. Is my baby turning into the Incredible Hulk? Sometimes he has the temper...

After calling a couple of nearby children in to look at this phenomena, I thought to examine the foot of his sleeper. Turning it wrong-side-out, I could see that it was completely green…. and waxy…. and a little wrapper fell out.

A crayon had made it into the wash, found its way into the sleeper foot, and melted all over it in the dryer.

The color rubbed off Hunter’s foot as the day went on. Any tips on what to do with the sleeper?


  1. Fill it with absorbant paper towel and run a warm iron over it. It may take several tries but with persistence the crayon will melt and move to the paper towel away from the footie! Good luck friend! Love you, michelle

  2. Too funny! I love the "mom-spit" part!!
    Josie Norris