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Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - December 21, 2009

We've enjoyed a fantastic weekend of friends and fellowship with a bit of Christmas shopping thrown in the middle. Between Bible Study Friday evening and the "Welcome Home for the Holidays" dinner for Lisa and Jason, we've served dinner to almost 60 people this weekend. This is my favorite way to spend the holidays!

A few years ago, we started the tradition of the children drawing each other's name and picking out a gift at the Dollar Store. They absolutely love it! We're hoping this starts the name-drawing early so they never have to buy gifts for 20+ nieces and nephews:-) They love giving each other gifts, and this is a very inexpensive way for the little ones to give something.

Except for shopping for Christmas dinner, I'm all done with going out! Phew! And almost everything is wrapped. Bryan and I have gotten so quick with wrapping, I'm thinking this could be a second career - if we had more time!

As we prepare for the biggest birthday party of the year, we will be enjoying:

Monday - Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

Tuesday (Bryan Night Meeting, 4-H Horse Judging) - Chicken Barley Soup, Veggies and Dip

Wednesday - Broccoli Summer Sausage

Thursday - Cheeseburger Soup in Bread Bowls (annual tradition)

Friday - Christmas Dinner starring Ham!

Saturday - Christmas Leftovers!!

Find more menus at orgjunkie.com. Our menus for the year can be found at our website. Breakfast menu is here; Lunch is here. What's on your menu this week?


  1. Wow! That's a lot of people to cook for! But, it sounds like you have had a fun weekend!

    You sound like me -- my shopping is done and mostly all wrapped. I have one odd shaped item that I haven't figured out how to wrap yet. I've done well this year, staying on top of that. But now, my house is trashed and I have guests coming tonight for my annual Soup Supper and Ornament Swap for the ladies at my church. So, I better get busy!!!!!!!

    BTW, I am serving Cheeseburger Soup tonight as the main sttraction! I am so curious as to whether we have the same recipe??? Maybe I"ll post mine tomorrow.

    We also have a birthday here today, but we had his birthday dinner yesterday. Hoping to find time to post later.

  2. What a great tradition for any size family. Your Christmas party sounds like it was alot of fun.
    You have a delicious menu planned!
    I'm so glad that my husband isn't working on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He really needs the days off.
    Here's wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    ps Please feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment regarding "Do you still read the newspaper"?