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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Modest Swim Wear

Anyone who's tried to shop for an appropriate swim suit for a girl or teen can feel my pain in the process. I thought it was bad enough when Emelie was still in girl sizes, but now I know that those were the easy days.

When she was very small, we were very much "anything goes." As she grew, so did our convictions about modesty. At that point the search was for one-piece with enough fabric. A couple of years ago we started having boys and girls wear swim shirts. A great idea because we are really pale folks. No tanning here - just sunburn and freckles.

Last year we splurged and bought the girls swim shirts and skirts from Lands End. They looked adorable! Very cute and very covered. At the end of the season sale I bought the next size up for everyone, but Em had grown out of girl sizes. Hence, the dilemma.

I was so frustrated in my search, that Bryan even started thinking we needed to start a modest swimsuit business! It is easier to find a covered-head-to-ankle suit than a covered-more-than-the-norm-suit.

However, I think we've finally found the answer. While Lands End does now sell one style of swim shirt in women's sizes (thanks for the heads-up, J.A.), I think we're going to go with
this due to the built-in extra support (along with the extra price tag) with a Lands End skirt to match (free shipping through Wednesday and 30% off). I hope the pieces match! Look for swimming photos coming this way soon.


  1. interesting you just posted about this... I just bought a swim top but like this much better. I am frustrated with how little swim suits cover. I started to think why is it acceptable for us to basically be barely covered only in swimming but would we ever wear something like that on a hot day that barely covered? nope... Interesting. :) Thanks for the post.

  2. Love it Lainie! That shirt is so much cuter than the Land's End ones. Just glad you found something that will work. :) I agree with your comments/thoughts, as usual. Did you hear the "Amen, Sister!" coming from Greenfield?

  3. Hello! You have NO idea what a blessing this is...I have literally spent an hour trying to find something for myself (going to Florida on Saturday...yes I waited till the last minute!!). I googled modest swim and your page came up. Thanks a bunch!!!

  4. Oops..one more thing...what skirt is that on Land's End????

  5. Here's a link to the skirt. Have fun in Florida! http://www.landsend.com/pp/AquaTerraSolidSwimMini~191510_593.html

  6. Lainie, Thanks so much! I actually ended up getting the full short instead of the skirt. Oh - I subscribed to your blog :)

  7. It's great that they are doing modest swimwear for women. My problem is that being a man, it often feels like society is insisting on me going bare-chested. I just wish there was something for the man who wishes to not bare their chests.

  8. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.