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Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - January 23, 2012

What a great weekend of scrapbooking with friends and then celebrating my "baby girl's" 5th birthday! I'll post more on that, but before she went to be, she proclaimed it "the best birthday EVER!"

We've got a busy week going on, but that's the morn for this time of year. So long as the roads stay snow & ice free, I'm a happy girl. I'm posting the recipe for our Snickerdoodle Granola below since I was reminded yesterday that I've been remiss getting it to the favorite recipes page.

Bryan eats a cup of dry granola everyday on his way to work. We have it here for breakfast several times a week. My latest nighttime snack is to put some in a bowl, pour milk on, and microwave for a minute and a half. Yummy, warm, and comforting!

Snickerdoodle Granola

12 C Oats
2 C Sugar
1 C Oil
1 C Butter, Melted
2 tea. Cinnamon
2 tea. Vanilla
1 tea. Cream of Tartar
1 tea. Salt

Mix all together and spread into 2-3 pans. Bake at 350 for 18 minutes. Cool in pans while trying to keep little fingers from snitching it. Store in baggies or tubs. Can be frozen for longer storage.

This week we will be enjoying:
Monday - We actually had enough leftovers for a dinner buffet - unheard of!

Tuesday (Horse Judging) - Waffles with fruit syrup

Wednesday (AWANA, 4-H Council Mtg) - Corn Dogs, Chips

Thursday (Dentist Day, Karate, 4-H Rabbit Mtg) - Korean BBQ Beef, Ramen, Rice, Peas

Friday - Sausage Stroganoff Soup, Fresh Veggies

Saturday - Hamburgers, Fries

Breakfast menu is here; lunch menu is here.

Find more menus at:

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  1. *TIME SENSITIVE* Greetings from Kristen Welch (www.wearethatfamily.com) and Jen De Groot. We're compiling the best tips submitted to Works for Me Wednesday into an e-book and would love to include you. Please contact us at thatworks4me (at) gmail (dot) com as soon as possible for more details. Thanks! P.S. The granola sounds great!