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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fool-proof Bread Dough

This is my go-to bread recipe. I make about four loaves every week or so. Sometimes I save some dough to freeze for Baked Sandwiches. You can use it in any recipe calling for frozen bread dough.

(Hint: I've been known to throw other things into the dough like leftover oatmeal, purred white beans, pureed cauliflower, or pureed squash. They'll never know unless you tell them...)

Here is the one-loaf version. Great to set for delay start on the bread machine (does anyone still have one of those?)

1 C warm water

1.5 teaspn yeast

1.5 Tblspn sugar

3 C Flour (can combine white & wheat so long as there is more white flour)

1.5 Tblspn Dry Milk

1.5 Tblspn Oil

1.5 teaspn salt

Put in bread machine in the order listed by your manufacturer (I think mine used to be water first and yeast last). Set for delay start on a regular or white bread cycle. If you’re making in a mixer or by hand, follow the directions below.

Here’s the version I use. This makes four loaves. The loaves freeze well after they are completely cooled.

4 C warm water

2T yeast

1/3 C sugar

12 C Flour (can combine white & wheat so long as there is more white flour)

1/3 C Dry Milk

1/3 C Oil

2 T salt

Combine warm water, yeast, sugar, and 6 C flour in bowl for big mixer. Mix until just combined. Let sit for 10-15 minutes (this is called “the sponge”). Add in the rest of the ingredients. Knead in mixer for 8 minutes. Chop into 4 equal sections. Put each section into a greased loaf pan. Let rise, covered in warm place for 45 minutes. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Remove immediately from pans. Cool completely on racks.

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  1. Lainie, thanks for the bread recipes! My daughter bought me a bread machine for Mother's Day and I have yet to have a single successful loaf. I had one many years ago (almost twenty now) that worked rather well. However, yesterday I used your recipe and made four loafs in the oven, which I am more than happy to continue. My question is, how do you store your loaves through the week? I would prefer to have some sort of reusable container or package.