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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Tuesday Tip - Scrapbooking Tips

I've been in scrapbook mode lately. I'm finally crawling out of the hole I've been in since Hunter was born, so I'm fired up to get some albums done. Here are some quick tips to help those pages come together quicker.

Run out of adhesive dots to hold down your ribbon to the page? Fret not, tack down the ribbons using brads at each end. Or wrap the ribbon to the back of the page and secure with regular tape.

Want an eye-catching background? Cut a piece of patterned paper into a large curved shape and attach it to your cardstock. It instantly creates visual interest to your background. You can use freehand, bowls, plates and anything round to help you draw the curved shape.

Lace a strip of ribbon through punched holes along one side of the border to create a pretty-looking page accent.

Do you love the stitched-look but can't sew or you want a simpler method? Use rub-on stitches or here's what I normally do, use a fine-tip pen and draw the dashes to resemble the stitched-look without needle and thread! Not perfect, but it saves me plenty of time.

Add on a premade envelope to your layout to tuck in extra journaling or additional. Give your envelope a unique look by customizing it to your own preference. You can also use library pocket to tuck in your extra journaling too.

And the #1 tip for fast scrapbooking....

Make 8x10 collages of up to 15 or so photos in a program like Picasa. This is a great way to use all 30 of those wonderful birthday photos without making 5 birthday layouts! I print mine at Sam's Club for around $1.50 each.


  1. You did a scrapbooking post with no pictures? LOL

  2. Great tips! How about a tip for a scrapbooker who doesn't have a dedicated space to scrapbook in? I use the dining room table (which we don't use every day for dining, but still shouldn't be covered in scrapbook stuff 24/7). Once I get started, I spread everything out -- and then have to pack it all up... and then unpack it again.