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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WFMW - Hire the "To-Do List" Done

When I walk around my house, there are always those projects that nag at me. Those things on the to-do list that never seem to get done. That clutter that needs to go away.

Bryan and I have started to hire our children to take care of these things. They don't receive an allowance, so they're all pretty poor. Here are some examples of what the children have done for us lately:
  • Match the overflowing sock basket (5¢ a pair)
  • Clean out the crayon, marker, pencil drawers (25¢ a drawer)
  • Clean out a messy kitchen cupboard ($1)
  • Pick up trash in the yard (5¢ a piece)
  • Pull weeds in front of the house ($5) a section
  • Shred documents ($2 a pile)
These are above and beyond the everyday house and yard jobs that they are expected to do. And those everyday jobs must be done before they can do a money job.

We've also had to make the rule that terms of work and payment must be decided on by employer and employee before work has begun. We've had children showing initiative (good thing!) by doing something that didn't needed to be done and expecting to be paid for it (bad thing!).

This has helped Bryan and I feel less overwhelmed and has put some coins in some empty pockets (and as a result, more Zhu Zhu pets in the house)!

1 comment:

  1. Love these ideas - but I had to chuckle as my kids FIGHT over who "gets to" shred the paper!

    My hubby matches socks as I fold clothes and we watch a movie together - just one of those times when we can get something accomplished together and do something pleasurable at the same time! :)