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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recap of the Stumpf Road Trip

Below are some of the highlights of our recent, spur-of-the-moment road trip to Florida.

First, a little background:
A few weeks ago our Bible Study folks were talking about helping out a family that had outgrown their mini-van. Bryan and I got to thinking about our van and how we've been looking at buses for years! With our children getting older, and our hope to grow our family, a more spacious ride would have it's advantages.

We found a bus we liked on ebay. Location: Melbourne, Florida. Why not? What better place to go in December than Florida? Especially when a snowstorm was heading to Indiana.

A few days later, we were on the road. Due to our over-estimating the Saturday hours of credit unions in South Carolina, we ended up needing to stay over in Melbourne for an extra day. Tough gig!

Along the way we were able to squeeze in super-quick visits with friends, old and new (more on that later), and my wonderful aunt and uncle in North Carolina. We arrived at home, worn-out but happy, with a cool, new ride!
Heidi barely made it out of the driveway before crashing!
Note the tight quarters and the heavy coats and blankets...
We crashed the first night in the dorm at Johnson Bible College.
The children thought dorm life way too cool! Thanks Wes & Melanie!
The view from our hotel balcony. Meanwhile, our farm was
receiving 4 inches of snow!

The children had never seen the Atlantic Ocean before!
Hunter loved the sand!

Swimming while looking inside at a Christmas tree!
Here she is! S.U.E. for Stumpf University Express!

Inside is soooo roomy! We need another road
trip to really try her out!


  1. Looks great! The kids said you drove a bus to church this past Sunday (I was home with a sick Grant). Sounds like you had a fun time. We drove to St. Louis to buy our 12-seater. Not quite as glamorous as Florida, but we still had fun. :-)

    Hooray on your adoption progress! We'll pray for your family.

  2. i enjoyed reading the overview of your cool road trip! I like the new name for your bus -- SUE~ you are so creative! I hope you are going to get that name imprinted on huge magnets and attach to the sides of your bus! :)

    When you are ready to take SUE on another road trip, come see me! If you come down in the spring/summer/autumn, it will be plenty hot enough to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean!

  3. We'd love for you to come up north! I'd wait til summer though.
    I love the new ride!