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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guest Post - It's like missionary week...

Just couldn't resist a little Veggie Tales humor!

Last night we were blessed to have Murray Uomoto from Japan at our church for a fellowship meal and talk. We all enjoyed hearing from him, but here is Emelie's own unique take on the evening....

Tonight, we went to hear a missionary from Japan speak. Always the photographer, here is my documentation through photos.

And to start of my photos....SQUID JERKY!! I was willing to taste
it (but it was about three years old). I was the only one.
The back of the squid packaging. Ted insists that one package will be enough!

Japanese letters and the sounds they make
at a glance. Dig the pictures. Awesome.

A close-up of my favorite little Japanese character thing.
While we uncreative Americans would pick something like "open" to represent O,
the Japanese card thing picked a monster-ish creature! I'm honestly
not making fun of the monster I luv it :)!

Here is John Calvin as we know him....

...and John Calvin in Japanese!
The inside of John Calvin in Japanese
You know you're a book freak when you get excited
that there's less than 2000 copies of this book in
the world and you have one of them :D. It's in
Japanese. I couldn't read it. I didn't care.

A picture of a poster of the most famous tenor in Japan.
I took a picture, mainly for posterity. _Inigo Montoya: I do not
think that word means what you think it means_.
More English/Japanese translations

It was so weird, because the English books
opened the way books do. Japanese books
opened backwards. So wild.
I even learned cool things about America. This marker
shows the first recordings of Christianity in America. I'm
gonna research that later, I know I will.
Here's the rest of the non-photo story. I learned to sing "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" in Japanese. And if that's not an accomplishment, I don't know what is! *clears throat* *belts out a horribly off-key song*:
Itsukushimi fukaki tomo naru lesu wa
tsumi toga urei wo tori sari tamoo
kokoro no nageki wo tsutsumazu nobete
nadoka wa orosanu oeru omoni wo.

It's actually really easy, because it sounds just like it looks.

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