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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WFMW - Basement Storage Overhaul

I call our basement "The Pit of Despair." Truth is, I avoid going down there because I can feel myself getting uptight when I look at the mess.

We are very blessed to have this large, unfinished space for the children to keep all their toys and play. We have swings and rings, and they can roller skate and scooter year-round. And while it's almost perpetually trashed, it's not the children's things that make me the most crazy.
This mop bucket is the #1 toy! It's been everything from a Roman
Chariot to a space ship. Put one on your Christmas list!
Since we haven't built our garage yet, the basement is our main storage area. The original idea was to use boxes and bins to keep the children out of the central area where the utilities are. Good concept, but after four years it's become quite a mess.

I'm tackling the beast using the wonderful storage-box plan in Emelie Barnes' book, Survival for Busy Women. I will post updates to keep me motivated and accountable. My goal is a relatively uncluttered space where it is easy to see what we have.

So far, two bags have gone to the trash, and three trash bags of items will be given away to the Crisis Pregnancy Center and Goodwill!

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