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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun with obedience

When we go out, people tend to do a double take. "Mom, they're counting us again." Like it or not, we don't look like the average family strolling through Target.

While we don't ask for the attention, it's a reality, and I certainly don't want to exacerbate the whispers and nudges by having one of my little ones melt down when he hears the dreaded "no" word. (Not that any of these lovely children would ever dissolve into a puddle while doing that shoulder thing that makes it impossible to pick them up! ;-)

As a preventative measure, we often will play a form of Simon Says before we go somewhere or enter a store. "Put your hands on your head. Touch your toes. Hop three times. OK. Now that's how quick you need to obey Mommy when we're in the store." Everyone is smiling and ready to listen. If they start to get off track as we're going through the store, we just play again.


  1. I love this - I think my kids will totally respond to a simon says type game pre-shopping - thanks a bunch!!!


  2. Please post more things like this. I am going to miss you so much! I love this idea! Much more fun than stop that don't do that, I said no. Hmm... Like it tons... I was talking to Shannon this week about something and she said mama can we practice good manners tomorrow. I was like sure... Made me think back to one of your suggestions about practicing things... Shannon remembered. She keeps asking if this is the day she is going to be a Stumpf kid for the day. She is very excited about coming over.

  3. We call that "shoulder thing" the jelly fish dance. They just fall to the floor and become jelly!!! Truly, as always, you give great advice. :) Works and i have never been privy to a Stumpf child melt down in a store...can't even picture it.