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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looking Back on our Extreme Week

What an incredible week we had participating in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build. I didn't expect to be involved to the extent that I was, but, thanks to my wonderful mother watching the children, I was at the site every day for a week. We didn't get much sleep (hence the Red Bull in the photo!), but I was ready to be down there as much as possible and always hated to leave. Bryan needed some help coordinating the neighborhood improvement projects, and I was more than happy to spend some time with that man that I haven't seen much of for a couple months! I'm very proud that Estridge has taken this show to a whole new level, and Bryan was instrumental in that change!

The following is an e-mail that Paul Estridge sent out to the employees on the evening after the bus was moved. It captures the spirit that surrounded the week.

We Gathered Sticks
We Lit Fires
We Left Them Burning

I know most everyone has had the opportunity to visit and experience the EMHE site this week. For those of you who have not been able to be apart of it, I am sorry you could not for it has been life changing for so many.

I want everyone to know this is by far the most proud thing I have ever been of our entire company. For the first time I feel the world has gotten to see what we all know exists within us. The most talented and committed and professional building team in America. The entire thing was undoubtedly the most extreme thing we have ever taken on. We have been tremendously successful. Our image, our organization, our marketing, our volunteerism, our leadership, our professionalism, our teamwork, our character, our creativity, our integrity our experience, our knowledge, our talent, our commitment and vision is the best there is in America.

As we always do, we have taken the show to an entirely new standard in absolutely all ways. I have been told that we have very likely inspired a new concept for
the show: The neighborhood.
22 Homes Repainted, Reroofed or Rehabed
6 Miles and 1200 Street trees planted
5 Miles of Alleys graded, cleared and redressed.
450 Homes to receive Free Internet Access
An entire school Building given to the community as it’s new community center.

Two abandoned homes demolished and hauled away.
100 new Dell Computers for every IPS child in the neighborhood
A new neighborhood Library and home built for a great American Family.

The design and execution of the design by our building teams is even to me staggering. The home and Library are simply beautiful. I know what we have done
here will drive an entirely new look and style of homes and neighborhood.

Literally everyone involved with the show has come up to all of us on the build to tell us how much they love the home and that for many they believe it is the best they have ever seen.

Lastly I just want to say none of this could have been done without the dedication and unselfish sacrifices made by so many of our past employees. Yes past. The ones that got let go. This to me has moved me as much as anything I have experienced. Maybe it is because they had nothing else to do. Or maybe it is just because of who they are and how much they love who we are.

Please thank them when you see them. Our roots run deep. We will not blow down easily. It was our finest hour.

We Truly do, Build Together.

Thank you everyone for Living the Vision

This shot of Meghan was taken by an Indianpolis Star photographer while we were waiting for the family to come home. Teddy also entertained the crowd by
telling one of his jokes. I'll post more photos soon!



  1. that is wonderful - i continue to be impressed to no end with estridge and its owner, Paul. I am so happy you all had such a wonderful experience and I can not wait for the episode.

  2. What an awesome week, Lainie! Amazing to see God work through Bryan and through Estridge to bless not just this one family. You guys are something else! :) (I've always known that) I love the pic of Meg. Sweet. Can't wait to see more and hear more stories. That is why I called yesterday and we went another direction there. :) Hope your day is blessed friend!