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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photos

One thing I've learned as my family has grown is how to let things go. There was a time when I started planning Easter outfits in January. Not this year! The day before Easter I was rummaging through boxes to come up with something for all the little loves that would look like they had a mother that cared.

Look how God provides! Through hand-me-downs from older siblings and others, I think they look pretty spiffy. (Recognize Heidi's outfit, Jane Ann? Gasp! It's gingham!)


Emelie was concerned that she wasn't in shades of blue (which she found ironic because she is always wearing blue), but I loved the outfit she selected and encouraged her not to change a thing!

This is happy Hunter on his way to church.


This is what happens to Heidi's hair after she pulls all the bands out. The back seat of our van is a graveyard for hair do-dads. She goes into the van with cute girl hair and emerges looking like a Nick Nolte DUI photo.



  1. The family looks beautiful - Happy Easter to all of you! I LOVE Heidi's hair - Penny looks like most of the time - we call her Mogwa - she comes by it honestly - I was (and still am at times) a Mogwa! Hope your day was a blessed one!

  2. Okay woman! You make me laugh so hard! Nick Nolte! Haha! I love the picture of all your kiddos and yes I love the gingham. :) Kind of partial to that you know and my girls won't wear it for me anymore. Go figure! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just "stumbled" onto your site today while visiting orgjunkie....your comment also made me laugh out loud literally...then my teens had to pull up poor Nick Nolte's picture to compare...but your family is amazing...and I'm looking at all your great skills as well! Cindee in Texas

  4. What cute pictures! My dear daughter never would keep anything in her hair either. Why do we bother? Your kids outfits look great, no reason to have done anything different.

  5. I LOVE the hair!!!! Keep that one -- it will make a great picture for a graduation slide show or something! :)