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Monday, March 2, 2009

Emelie's 13th Birthday

I've know this was coming for some time; however, I'm still in shock that my oldest baby turned 13 last week. I'm only 23, right? As I look down this new road, I'm trying to suppress the fear and trembling and let the excitement come through. My role is changing from authority to mentor. I definitely operate better in the authority mode, so this will be a stretching time for me.

Now, in a blatant rip-off of a Life in a Shoe idea, here are

13 Things I Love About Emelie:
  1. I couldn't ask for a better leader for this troupe. She pours so much love into the little ones around here, and they adore her.
  2. She has got a sometimes-twisted sense of humor that can really bust me up.
  3. I love her passion for horses that has only increased over the years. This is your year, baby!
  4. She gets things done! Schoolwork, 4-H, chores (most of the time).
  5. We're so much alike, and yet so much not. It keeps things interesting.
  6. She is very genuine and not concerned with externals.
  7. She's becoming a very good cook.
  8. She can always come up with a good reason to have ice cream.
  9. She's not afraid to be her own person.
  10. We can share shoes!
  11. Her intelligence humbles me.
  12. I know I can count on her.
  13. I enjoy spending time with her as her mom and her friend.


This is the delicious cheesecake she made for her birthday cake. (She wanted to make it!)



  1. Our kids make cakes for birthdays around here too.

  2. Can I add things I love about Emelie? I will assume that is a yes! :)

    I love that she is a good friend to my daughter and encourages her to follow her passions.

    I love that Emelie is so passionate about things that bring glory to God and not man.

    I love that Emelie is obedient to her parents and respectful to them as well. Breaking the "teenage" model! Yeah!

    I love that Emelie loves to read more than watch t.v.

    I love that Emelie loves to write stories, poems, etc. because we all are blessed by them.

    My list is not as long, but certainly am proud of your girl! She is a blessing in our life for sure. :)