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Friday, April 13, 2012

Update on the new & improved Stumpf Family

Here’s the long-overdue, much-asked-for update on how things are going around here.
The children arrive last Monday (April 2, 2012) at around 7pm. Tuesday morning started before 6am! Fortunately, everyone is waking at a much more acceptable (in my mind) time now!

Last week was a tough one for me, not because of anything the new children were doing, but the stress and anxiety going on in my head. I stopped sleeping and was an emotional wreck. It reminded me of bringing my first few babies home. The overwhelming “what have I done?” feeling.
Once I was able to get a few nights of quality sleep, things started looking up. Not crying over green beans was a blessing to everyone.

Bringing home a 12 and 14-year-old and integrating them into the family is not without adjustment! Bryan equated it with having foreign exchange students with the bonus that they speak English.
There is a learning curve as they try to fit into the culture of our family. We’ve been blessed with two children that are very anxious to please. They are trying very hard to learn how we do things. Emelie says that she’s noticed that they are even beginning to talk like Stumpfs!

Because of state law, the new children will need to be in public school until the adoption is finalized, about six months. Trying to enroll children this close to the end of the school year has not been a speedy process. By the time they finally get into school (looking like next Tuesday), they will have only about 28 days left until summer break.
I’ll admit that venturing into the public school system has been one of the things that was stressing me out. Things like gym clothes, proper school supplies, and lunch money are things I’ve never had to think about before. God has resolved many of these issues. I should have let Him handle things from the beginning! Shocker!

For the fall, we’re looking into an on-line public charter school to plug the gap until we can officially homeschool them.

I cannot express how much I appreciate all the prayers and support from my family, near-to-home friends and my on-line friends. Knowing that our family is being lifted up to the Father has gotten be through my days. This adventure is just beginning, and in four weeks we will get to meet the newest member of our family.


  1. Laine, let me know if Jack can be of any help at webo, he is in 7th grade and would be willing to help them I'm sure. He was the new kid a few months back, so be knows how scary it can be!

  2. So excited for you all and can't wait to meet your new children....all of them ;) Praying and here when you need to talk. :) Love ya!

  3. Hi Lainie and Bryan! Congratulations on your two new additions! You didn't say if they are boys/girls. What are their names? What a wonderful transition for your family. Will be praying for your family as you become closer and closer!