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Monday, December 12, 2011

'Tis the Season!

This past weekend was of the "Crazy Christmas" variety. Bryan's company Christmas party, wrapping up decorating the house (finally!), attending a live nativity, cyber shopping into the wee hours. I prefer to enjoy the season under a fuzzy blanket with hot coca and Christmas carols, but try as I might, it's hard to keep nutty out of the season.

Last week I wasn't able to blog because I was frantically working to finish crocheting a shawl to wear to Bryan's party (totally self-inflicted crazy, I admit!). My mommy said no blogging until it was done. Thirty minutes before we walked out the door to the party, I wrapped up the last stitch. Plus I managed to give myself a manicure on the way to the party. (Note: nail polish fumes + riding in a small car with a stick-shift + pregnancy = rather car sick!)

We were able to decorate the tree that had been standing in our living room unadorned for a week. All the Christmas rubbermaid totes have even found their way back down to the basement! No outside lights this year. Ready for a mini-tirade? Three years ago, at an after-Christmas sale, I bought LED lights for the front of our house. Even on sale the cost of those babies warranted a phone call to Bryan for approval. After two years of use 3 of the 5 strands are dead. Not replace-a-bulb dead, but feel-bad-for-the-landfill-as-you-chuck-them dead. In this case "going green" meant that the green is just "going" from our wallets!

Now were going to begin enjoying all our family traditions that really do make Christmas our favorite time of year. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to make the season even more special. So I'm going to post a few of our "favorite things" to hopefully spark your Christmas Spirit. But for now....a cup of cocoa is calling my name!

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  1. Where was the live nativity? Is it still going on?

    Thanks for watching the girls today!!