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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WFMW - Swagbucks Rock!

Search & Win

I joined Swagbucks about one year ago. In that time, Bryan (who joined separately) and I have redeemed over $130 in Amazon gift cards. I started hording cards in September and saved them for Christmas. We were able to take $65 off our Christmas order from Amazon (that's more than one LEGO General Grievous Starfighter in case you wanted to know!).

All we did was use the Swagbuck search rather than Google. And I search everything - my gmail, this blog, sites I know. You never know when the Swagbuck fairy will sprinkle her magic bucks. I could spend more time hunting for codes, but haven't really pursued it that heavy - yet...

Now I'm wanting a netbook. After all, I'll be able to blog so much more while our computers are tied up by children frivolously doing their schoolwork. Only 30,150 Swagbucks to go!

Swagbucks definitely work for me!


  1. If your husband also signed up, I hope he used a different address. The terms of service specify only one account per household and they have been cleaning up their system and deactivating accounts that are in violation. Please, either one of you, redeem the swagbucks and close the account and then both of you only use the same account. You can both be logged in at the same time from different computers as long as you only use the 1 account for your address. I've only been on for a few months (September) and I've redeemed $60 in AGCs so far. So exciting. I think I'd be very sad if I tried one day and my account were deactivated...

    Also, did you know you can get a free 4 points just by using the toolbar each day, doing the daily poll, visiting the trusted surveys site, and also skipping through the NOSO ads. 4 x 30 (avg days in a month)= 120 swagbucks/month.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Didn't know about the one account per household. Glad you read the fine print!