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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to our Happy Place!

We just told the children a couple weeks ago that we were going to head back to Disney World again this year. They were completely blow away!

Bryan started the conversation by telling them how we need to save money and that we wouldn't be using our free Six Flags passes since the overnight hotel stay would cost too much. The children braced for some bad news...

Then Bryan told them that the biggest reason for our need to be frugal had to do with the number "72" he'd posted on the wall -"Because that's the number of days until we leave for Disney World!" The place erupted!

What the children didn't know is that we had booked the trip while driving around the Magic Kingdom parking lot (while Bryan was trying and failing to get into bus parking) last September!

Booking it then enabled us to snatch up the same great deal we had list year - namely, free food and lots of it! This makes it cheaper to spend a week at "The World" than going just about anywhere else.

To date the children have given up boxed cereal completely, enjoyed more beans and less meat, and tried to be creative with their own finances, all so we can have "another dollar for Disney." Can't wait!  

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  1. Oh sounds fun!!!! :)
    Josie Norris

  2. ooh ooh ooh! take me! take me! :cD That's awesome you guys!

  3. What fun! We can wait to take the kids one day - such an exciting thing to save and look forward to!

  4. We love that place too. Enjoy the little penny pinching ways the kids come up with so they can go play. Love it!

  5. How Exciting! I love it that the whole family is involved in penny pinching to make it work! How did you hear about this great deal at Disney?

    What are you serving for breakfast instead of boxed cereal? Sounds like a blog post to me . . . .