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Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank You, Miss Jane Ann!

What's for Dinner: BBQ Chicken Stew and Dinner Rolls

On the Scrapbook Table: Still Working on Christmas!

At the Sewing Machine: A huge mess!

The girls were so excited by the bounty of clothes from the boutique known as The Miller Attic and Hand-Me-Down Emporium. They were as thrilled as only numbers 3, 6, and 7 of 7 can be at receiving a bunch of next-to-new items. Don't they look cute?!



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adorable Twirly Skorts

What's for Dinner: Black Beans and Sausage over Rice

At the Sewing Machine: Matching Cow Print Outfits for Brigitta and Heidi

On the Scrapbook Table: Stuck on Christmas, but cropping this weekend!

While looking for a new sewing pattern for Emelie, I stumbled across a pattern for my little ones called the Twirl Skort. It's an adorable full skirt with attached ruffled pantaloons underneath. Since the pattern was a download, I started one that evening and now, a week later, have finished two. Brigitta loves them, and I love not seeing diaper as she sprawls around. Meghan has requested one. Since she's going on 8, the pattern will require some modification. I know this is going to become the new staple of the girls' wardrobes!

B'itta's Skirt HPIM3585

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Really BIG Grocery Trip

What's for Dinner: Taco Salad

At the Sewing Machine: Twirly Skorts (more on these later)

At the Scrapbook Table: December & Christmas 2007 layouts

Instead of doing our usual once-per-month grocery, this past Saturday we went for two months. In fact, because of how paychecks work out, we shopped for nine weeks. We decided to do this to 1) save money (you can't spend it if you're not in the store!) and 2) eliminate the better part of one Saturday per month being consumed with food procurement.

The trip took no longer than usual, although we didn't have the whole crew with us - just baby and two cart pushers. We spent less than double the normal amount, so hopefully we'll see a savings in the end. Our menu plan is up on our website.

Here are some shots of what the pantry looks like now. God provides for all our needs - and so much more!



I brought the above cart up from the basement to hold extra cans


This is WAY up high - the tower of cereal and pasta!